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JavaFX Kit Missing required modules

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Missing required modules for Plugin JavaFX Kit: requires javafx.sdk

I've been trying to install NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX. According to Sun JavaFX Java Technology Web Page It provides all the tools you need to build a JavaFX application.
There are two ways to install it:

  1. The recommended one is to download a build of NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX support included.
  2. If you already have NetBeans 6.1 installed you can install the JavaFX plugin manually.
Sun recommend that you install the NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX support included. By doing so, you minimize the steps to get started with your JavaFX application development. I decided to follow the recommendation and to use the NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX support included. When I looked at the different versions in the NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX download Page, I noticed that there are versions only for windows and mac users. No version for Linux.

With no other choices I had to go with the manual way. I downloaded NetBeans 6.1 from the NetBeans IDE download page and I followed the Adding JavaFX Support to a Previously Installed IDE instructions. I followed the steps up to step 6. I typed javafx in the Search text field to help locate the JavaFX plugins. Two plugins showed up on the list: JavaFX Kit and JavaFX Weather Sample. I marked both of the JavaFX plugins and I pressed the install. To my surprise I got an error message:
Missing required modules for Plugin JavaFX Kit: requires javafx.sdk
Apparently there is an issue for this missing required modules for plugin JavaFX Kit problem. According to the issue, this was fixed and verified in the preview branch.

The only option I was left with was to download and install a developmental build of JavaFX script plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.1.
  1. I downloaded a binary build from the JavaFX Hudson site.
  2. I opened the compressed file to a temporary folder.
  3. On Netbeans I added the temporary folder as a plugin folder: Tools > Plugins > Downloaded > Add Plugins. I selected all the nbms files from the temporary folder /nbms/javafx/. Then I got a list of 20 plugins to install. I pressed the install button and I followed the instructions. The installer installed all the JavaFX plugins and restarted the NetBeans IDE.
This solved the problem. Now I was able to create a JFX Script Application Project using NeatBeans.


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